Life as a Vim user is not an easy life, but it’s also not though either. It’s an exciting life to be a Vim user. Vim itself is a unique text editor. Naturally, Vim is a terminal-based text editor with little to no graphical user interface. Vim uses keyboard as the main User Interface, it’s quite different from typical modern text editors. There are so many things to learn about Vim.

About Me

I’m a Software Engineer. I write some codes mostly using Ruby, Go and recently trying to code Typescript. I consider myself a casual Vim user. I’m by any means no expert in Vim. Experience wise I’m new, I’ve been coding vim only for the last 2 years.

Even though I’m using Vim for 2 years, I barely know Vim especially it’s native keystrokes. It’s only this past 3-4 months I’ve been starting to learn Vim native keystrokes by using vanilla Vim. I’ve learned a lot of keystrokes, and it’s not easy. Vim :help is very handy and it’s helping me so much.

Vim at Quipper

Fortunately, Quipper has a solid Vim community. There is more than 20 percent of Quipper software engineers use Vim at the moment. There are several regular agenda we used to do. We have quipper.vim which is a sharing session, sometimes we do pair programming in Vim, and the most important thing is that it’s a nice and welcoming community! Together, we help each other to do the best we can do at Vim.

For me, sometimes, I feel like :help is not enough. For example when I want to know people’s daily vim usage or maybe which plugins to use together to achieve better flow. I’m very glad that I’m joining Vim community in Quipper. There is a regular Vim discussion and sharing session called quipper.vim. The main agenda is to share one’s daily vim operation. I got tons of new insight and plugins recommendations. It’s a great agenda!

The other thing is about the people. Quipper Vim community is a nice and welcoming community. People are open to discussion, a new idea, even simple questions. I never felt intimidated by asking noobish questions there. Even, when I first joined Quipper Vim community, I was encouraged to be more active towards Vim community and attend VimConf even I was a new joiner at Quipper Vim community. It’s an amazing community.

The last but not least is about chance to contribute back to Vim community and learn from it. Quipper has been sponsoring VimConf regularly since VimConf 2018. Not only Quipper had sponsored VimConf, but Quipper also sponsored me to attend and speak at VimConf! I’ve always wanted to speak at a conference to contribute and share what I’ve learnt. Thanks to Quipper, I did my first conference talk and also learned a lot. Quipper supported all my accommodation from Jakarta to Tokyo as Quipper international conference package. It’s a nice thing to know that the company that I work for is caring about my growth!

I’m very grateful that I’m joining Quipper and being a member in Quipper Vim community. It’s a blessing for me. I can learn many things and meet so many nice people!